CCTV security camera systems

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We have 15 Years experience in Electronic Surveillance

 We supply CCTV security camera systems Australia wide

We freight daily for as little as $30.00


Have a look at AHD quality below… System is just ‘plug and play’

1.3MP Day time

1.3MP Night time

We only sell HD quality systems with a minimum resolution of 720p (1MP)

 We now stock AXIS, Samsung + Sony IP cameras and Network Storage



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Security cameras & CCTV systems from $899.00. Any of our CCTV systems will be suitable ‘as is’ for general monitoring within a home for security or a business environment to aid with any possible Work Cover claims or general theft by either staff or customers. Please contact us on 1300365910 if you have any questions regarding suitability for free advice.

We stock and sell AHD and IP/Megapixel systems. We do not analogue systems. Analogue is a tried and proven system, but is now too far outdated in comparison to what else is available…

We carry extensive stock and ship daily via courier Australia wide.

See set up remote viewing for detailed information on port forwarding routers and setting DVR menus.

These systems are in use throughout Australia and are reliable in their operation.

Contact us for all your CCTV cameras and video surveillance needs.