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OPERATOR Leigh Gray and Associates ABN 61 043 965905
We have 15 Years experience in Electronic Surveillance. Our business trades under Leigh Gray and Associates
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 We supply complete CCTV security camera systems along with a wide range of spy and wireless

cameras, as well as car / truck cameras and GPS vehicle trackers.

Our DVR’s record all channels at D1/960 resolution @ 25fps.We also do 720p and 1080p cameras with HD SDI for use with existing cables

We sell complete Megapixel IP camera systems

All analogue system cameras are Sony 700 TVL with a OSD toggle on the lead

 We now stock AXIS, Samsung + Sony IP cameras and Network Storage



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Security cameras & CCTV systems from $899.00. Wireless GSM home alarms $350.00  CCTV Security Camera Systems is a premium supplier of quality CCTV, GPS vehicle / car trackers, home alarms, wireless GSM alarms and car DVR / camera recorders. We stock only quality equipment that we have tested ourselves. We can supply security cameras & CCTV cameras and a wireless GSM alarm for home or small business for $999.00. We also carry high resolution systems at unbelievable prices. Need to see car number plates at night, we have car number plate cameras also.

We have a 8 channel DVR and 4 x 700tvl Sony cameras for $899.00 Many people are running home security cameras these days with the level of crime in our community. A CCTV security cameras offers the best deterrent over anything else you could do. We do however stock a variety of wireless GSM home alarms. These work hand in hand with a home security camera setup. If the alarm is triggered, you get an SMS on your phone. You then use your phone to log in and look at your cameras. A complete setup like this is $999 delivered to your door!

We offer a wide variety of CCTV camera systems complete and ready for D.I.Y. installation starting at $899 for a 4 camera set-up. Our complete 16 camera system is only $1899 ( 16 x D1/960 @ 25 fps ). All set-ups are capable of being viewed remotely over a PC or mobile phone. Other features available are Email and SMS alerts. All our cameras are 700 tvl standard, have night vision included as standard. All 700  tvl cameras come with an OSD joystick.

All our kits are supplied with a pre-installed 1TB HDD for FREE!!! 16 ch kits have a 2 TB HDD. All are WD  drives. All kits are supplied with all hardware, cables or Baluns, power supplies etc to fully complete your installation and have your video surveillance operating in a matter of hours.

All our products carry a 2yr warranty which is pro-rata and will cover 100% 1st year, 60% 2nd year on cameras.  We have supplied systems for in Queensland hospitals, Government buildings, Restaurants like  The Coffee Club, leading Liquor stores, BAC & Air Express.

We carry a variety of wireless IP cameras capable of several kilometres as well as long range 2.4G transmitter receivers suitable for farm/ acreage use in monitoring remote locations. There is also a variety of self contained spy cameras that are able to be deployed in any environment, run on there own power supply and record to a SD card internally. Great for catching someone out!

We custom design and make various spy camera setups and low current / power systems for remote location surveillance where power may be limited.

We also have portable and fixed camera systems for cars & trucks. GPS is also available to provide further evidence via a log for insurance purposes. There is also GPS vehicle / car trackers that can provide either a log on down load or live information on the location of anything one of these is placed in. The uses are endless! Place one in any vehicle to track its movements. Logs speed and all times including stationary times. Set up a GEO-FENCE to alert you when the tracker enters a pre-defined area.

Any of our CCTV systems will be suitable ‘as is’ for general monitoring within a home for security or a business environment to aid with any possible Work Cover claims or general theft by either staff or customers. Please contact us on 1300365910 if you have any questions regarding suitability for free advice.

We carry extensive stock and ship daily via courier Australia wide.

See set up remote viewing for detailed information on port forwarding routers and setting DVR menus.

These are in use within homes and businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Alelaide.

Contact us for all your CCTV cameras and video surveillance needs.